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LCBF was founded to provide financial services to suburban and rural clientele. Hence, LCBF helps MSMEs grow income and self-employment. LCBF also wants to provide credit to MSMEs based on their resources to help them grow to medium-sized businesses.

Slip Codes
SLIPS Bank Code : 7658
No Branch Name Slip Code
1 Galle Branch 001
2 Karandeniya Branch 002
3 Matara Branch 003
4 Pelawaththa Branch 004
5 Kohuwala Branch 005
6 Rathgama Branch 006
7 Karapitiya Branch 007
8 Negombo Branch 008
9 Kuliyapitiya Branch 009
10 Tangalle Branch 010
11 Deiyandara Branch 011
12 Akuressa Branch 012
13 Embilipitiya Branch 013
14 Maharagama Branch 014
15 Kegalle Branch 015
16 Tissamaharama Branch 016
17 Walasmulla Branch 017
18 Agunukolapelessa Branch 018
19 Gampaha Branch 019

The eligibility criteria may vary based on the type of financing required. Generally, we consider factors such as your business’s financial performance, credit history, collateral, and repayment capacity. Our team can guide you through the eligibility requirements for each financing option.

The documents required to avail of a Gold Loan may vary from lender to lender, but typically include identity proof, address proof, and proof of ownership of the gold.

All kinds of financial assistant will be provided according to your requirements

The documents required for leasing may vary depending on the company and the asset being leased. Generally, you will need to provide financial statements, tax returns, and other relevant business documents to show your ability to make payments on the lease.

Our fees vary depending on the currency and the amount being exchanged. Please visit our website or contact us for more information.