Money Exchange
Transfer money with confidence
Money Exchange

Let us handle the logistics of getting your money to where it needs to be, whether you’re moving to a new country, buying a house in another country, organizing a wedding in another country, or transferring money to friends and relatives in another country.


We make it easy for you to get your travel money through our Counters with a choice of number of currencies. Our goal is to ensure you save money on currency exchange. LCB exchange rates and wire transfers rates are remarkable for Sri Lankans to easily go ahead with all their needs. With LCB Money Exchange you can convert currencies at great rates low fees.

LCB Money Exchange

Fixed deposit bring valuable benefit with a safe investment for your future


What are the Benefits?

  • One day service.
  • Facilities provides for purchase brand new vehicle, registered vehicle or movable asset.
  • At least one guarantor for the facility.
  • Does not charge any extra payment.
  • Very attractive and competitive rates compare to the prevailing market rates.



  • Parents and relatives of Kids below 16 years of age are eligible to open an account as parents / guardians by producing the birth Certificate.
  • The minimum Deposit Rs. 25,000/=


Sri Lanka Exchange Rates

  • Rate: Rupees per unit foreign currency as at 2024/07/25
Currency Buying Rate Selling Rate
US Dollars 299.00 308.00
EURO 321.56 336.29
Great Britain Pounds 384.18 398.53
Singapore Dollar 221.04 230.57
Australian Dollars 193.89 204.48