The Island 2021-07-26
The Island 2021-07-26

LCB Finance to be listed on Colombo Stock Exchange soon
Sampath Bank PLC; banker to the IPO
Lanka Credit and Business Finance (LCB) Finance is preparing for the next milestone in its journey by listing its shares on the Colombo Stock Exchange through an IPO. K.G. Leelananda C,E.O / Executive Director of LCB Finance said, “We have already initiated and partly completed the listing process through our advisors to the listing, NDB Investment Bank. Furthermore, we have appointed the law firm, FJ & G de Saram as
our legal advisor and Sampath Bank PLC as banker to the IPO.” “Lanka Credit & Business Finance Limited is a unique financial institution born out of grass-roots level which has spread its roots across the length and breadth of the island. LCB bas been award-ed ‘Fastest Growing Non-Banking Financial Firm in Sri Lanka 2021’ at the Global Economics Awards 2021 in UK. The Company is committed to uplifting the standards of living for low income earners with its
range of micro finance products. It was also recognized as the Emerging Finance Company of the Year 2019”. “The clientéle of the company consists of farmers, fisherman, vendors and labourers and small business owners among others, making us truly a people’s develop-ment fmancial institution. Over the past three years, we bave made of collective effort and a focus on over-all betterment of communities.