Smart Savings
Smart Savings

LCB SMART savings account is a secure and reliable way to manage and grow your money. Whether you are saving for a specific goal or building an emergency fund, this savings account offers numerous advantages that can help you achieve your financial objectives.


Key features: –

  • Initial deposit is Rs.1,000.00.
  • Minimum balance of Rs.1,000.00 should be maintained to earn interest .
  • Standing order facility
  • Interest calculated on daily balance and credited monthly.
  • Free SMS notification on every transaction made.


Eligibility : –

  • Residents of Sri Lanka over 18 years of age are eligible to apply for the SMART Savings Account.


Requirements: –

  • Completion of mandate
  • A copy of Valid National Identity Card (NIC) Driving License
  • KYC Requirement (Know your Customer) / Passport which carries the NIC Number
  • Address verification document (i.e. copy of fixed utility bill, bank statement, etc) if current postal address differs from the national identity card or identification document.


Saving Rate if Interest
Rate of Interest Per Annul 5%