LCB PowerDraft
LCB PowerDraft

LCB Leasing Power Draft facility will allows you to obtain cash against your vehicle for your urgent working capital requirements.



  • Sri Lankan Nationals over 18 years of age  holding a valid National Identity Card / Valid passport
  • Individuals , sole proprietorships, Partnerships, Limited liability companies ,Professionals, Self Employed, Retail Traders, trading oriented businesses with an adequate repayment capacity is eligible to apply for a LCBF PowerDraft facilities.


What are the Benefits?

  • One day service.
  • Facilities provides to purchase brand new vehicle, registered vehicle , or  for working capital requirements
  • No hidden charges
  • Very attractive and competitive rates compare to the prevailing market rates.
  • You can  pay only the interest at the end of each month, and the capital amount will be paid at the time of the maturity.
  • You can pay lumpsums of the capital amount during the repayment period towards the settlement of the capital amount.