Sunday Observer | 2023-07-30
Sunday Observer | 2023-07-30

Lanka Credit and Business Finance PLC (LCB) opened its 17th branch at Beliatta Road, Walasmulla recently. Traders, entrepreneurs, fanners, representatives of the co-operative movement were present.
LCB will offer its savings and deposit products for children. youth. women. and senior citizens. backed by housing. business. agriculture. gold loans and lease finance facilities from this new branch.
CEO / Executive Director K. G. Leelananda said the Walasmulla branch is a part of their regional business expansion plan which is designed to develop the rural economic activities. establishing mutually beneficial relationships with farmers SMEs. self-employed youth. Traders and the Co-operative Sector in the catchment areas of the branch. Tracing the history of the company. Leelananda said that a large portion of the investors n the company and the members of their Board of Directors too are from the Southern Province and 10 out of the 17 branches of LCB including this new branch are situated in the Southern Province. We are looking at opening more branches soon.’
He said that LCB Finance is an entity well routed in the Southern Province and started business in the South.