Agunukolapelessa Branch opening
Agunukolapelessa Branch opening

Lanka Credit and Business Finance PLC opened their 18th Branch, the 11th branch in the Southern Province, at No 439/11, Ranna Road, Angunakolapelessa, in the presence of distinguish gathering of prospective customers consisting of traders, representatives of the Co-operative societies, officials of the Pradeshiya Sabha, Business Forum and those involved in agriculture and animal husbandry. The Regional Manager in-charge of this branch Mr. S A Sameera Rukshan was also participated at this ceremony.
CEO/ Executive Director Mr. K G Leelananda addressing the gathering explained the merits of products and services offered by company by way of deposit products that are designed to cater to the needs of all age groups from kids to senior citizens with “Prathi Labha” and “Sihina Ayojana” investment savings scheme suitable to all age groups.
Referring to lending products Mr. Leelananda stated that credit facilities are provided by the company to SMEs, trading, housing, agriculture activities, animal husbandry and self-employed youth, backed by Lease Finance Facilities and Gold Loans, thereby contributing towards the growth of economic activities thereby creating employment opportunities at Angunakolapelessa.
He invited the public to establish mutually beneficial business relationships with the Angunakolapelessa branch of LCB Finance, stating that courteous and customer friendly staff eagerly awaits to provide an efficient service to the communities in the area, as the company is committed towards enhancing the social prosperity of those who serve through their branch network.